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Whooping Cough, Pregnancy and Infant Loss, and Preeclampsia Awareness.

Willow Tree Angels

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All remaining items sold by us are 40% off  listed price (aka subtract 40% from all listed prices), shipping is still based on orginal aka currently listed prices email me with what you want and I can send an invoice with the discounted prices, please see payment faq for more information

         Willow Tree Figurines and Ornaments
The sculptures are rendered so as to suggest elegance, simplicity, peace and serenity. Forms reveal their expressions through body gestures only...a tilt of the head, placement of the hands, a turn of the body. Emotions are left to the viewer to discern, which makes them personal and powerful.
Each angel comes packed in it's own box, including a card with the name of the angel and a sentiment card indicating what it represents. I find these angels extremely comforting and I hope they are comforting to you also.
Now for the boring stuff, please consider insuring your purchase for 1.30 extra as I cannot be responible for the items after they leave my hands although I would try my best to help, also I bought these items specifically to offer here in hopes that they would bring you comfort in no other way am I affilated with the owners/makers besides also being a lover of their products.

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Remember - Willow Tree Figurines
New January / February 2007

  • Her sentiment card reads "Always, I will remember…"
  • 5.5" h
  • New January / February 2007
  • $13.50


    Willow Tree Ornaments-"Angel of Hope"
    This angels card reads "Sharing the light of hope and courage"  she measures 2.5" x 2.5" x 4.5"

    $11.75 please allow an extra week for this item.

    Willow Tree Ornaments-"Angel of Miracles"

    Her card reads "Trusting in life's everyday miracles" she measures Approx. 3.5" high. She is holding a newborn bird just broken out of it's shell.

                           $11.75 please allow an extra week for this item.



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