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Whooping Cough, Pregnancy and Infant Loss, and Preeclampsia Awareness.

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Our Story
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A real and beyound heartbreaking story please read and take to heart!!!! My angel babies Sebastian Orpheus and Sebanna Sarine will NEVER be forgotten, may this story help someone.


Silence may be wanted, but it will not be given, I will be retyping our story shortly. In America freedom of speech is a blessing that many have fought for; as such threats of being sued for slander for telling the truth are rather pointless, just an open quote I am throwing out there, and I am sure anyone who has dealt with certain facilities can understand.
As most will notice much of our story is not on here right now; it has been removed so that more editing can be done (alot of emotion was present during the writing so the many spelling errors, typos etc we need to be corrected and we also have much to add to it so please be patient it will be back up  soon) in the meantime a quite condensed version is below, If this is your first time to our webpage please understand "Our Story"  is one of the main reasons for this webpage and although it is quite long when we have the full version up there is imporant life saving awareness information so please check back in often as we will be putting our full story back up soon.
Those who know us know that we are parents to 5 beautiful children with only three on earth, our son Sebastian was stillborn at 26 wks after I was diagnosed with preeclampsia,

I held him and through many tears and the horrible pain I held my little guy wishing I could wake him up, noone ever gave me the option to dress him (although they did dress him) and at the time I didnt know to ask, saying goodbye to him was beyound hard I couldnt believe it was all real and I hated going to sleep because everytime I woke up it was like it was happening all over again and I couldnt handle it, my arms ached so bad and I would wake up bawling wanting him back so bad, regretting every time I didnt tell him I loved him, every time I had done anything less than the best for him

 We made the frightening decsion to try again and after being hosplized for the last few weeks before delievery we delievered a beautiful perfectly healthy baby girl. 

I wish more than anything I could end here and tell you my happy beautiful girl is sititng here with me resting on my chest like she and I loved so much, but things took a tragic, heartbreaking turn for the worst when she was 4 1/2 to 5 wks, she had been doing great, gaining weight extremely well (the Drs had made the comment several times that apparently breastfeeding was going great, by her great weight gain and overall health), and she was such a happy calm baby, with a unique personality, who nursed with a purpose, and loved to cuddle and be held.

My beautiful baby girl was diagnosed with RSV after finally being hosplized following several visits of being sent home, they later took off the RSV dx and said it was Whooping Cough aka Pertussis, my Angel went up to Heaven with her big brother and God. I cant type my pain into words on this paper or show the heartbreak that is constanly with me, but I can say I will forever love my babies and never forget them. I will never understand why we lost them but I will forever love them.

You can read the story our local paper did on our angel babies and us at the following link, Read interview  and the second one is at Watch interview





You can view more pictures of our angels by clicking here

Pregnant with Sebanna

We CAN make a difference!!!! Please help us do that by spreading the word, and speaking up!!

Sebastians footprints

Mommy and Sebastian

Mommy and Sebanna Sarine

Sebanna with big bro and sis






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Pre-eclampisa, Stillbirth, Pertussis and RSV please educate yourself on these serious health risks

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