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Whooping Cough, Pregnancy and Infant Loss, and Preeclampsia Awareness.

Memory box program

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Memory box program
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Little lamb box

Tiny pink bunting with ribbon!

Shimmer, purple and satin butterfly box

Update we are stopping (for an undetermined amount of time) the local memory box program in an effort to reach out in other ways to see where we can have the maxium effect in helping people within our means, as we could no longer afford to keep up with the boxes feel free to provide any feedback or opinions you would like to share by emailing me here  Life may change but we have not and will not ever forget or stop caring.

We are doing this program in memory of our beautiful angel babies, and with the sincere desire to help ease the suffering of others as we wish no one ever had to go through the loss of a child.

  At this point I am in search of volunteers and donations. We donate completely free of charge and have a local hospital, a funeral home, along with a Wa hospital and high risk perinatolgist who we have already been donating to, so this means unforunately at the moment I will not be able to send them abroad  however I do hope to get the local places we have comitted to stocked up and than be able to offer them abroad at least every once in awhile. 

There is a list of items we need listed on the next page click here to go there ,you can also help support our program, by purchasing any of our products which include customizable beaded jewerly, loss awareness jewerly, awareness ribbons, candles, etc

So far we have many different designs for the memory boxes (please excuse the coloring in some of them it is due to our camera or my lack of knowledge on the camera), and are including a dispoable camera (as long as supply allows), a beaded infant braclet that says "Angel" on safe strech beading cord with a matching mothers braclet that says "Mom of a Angel", a pregnancy infant loss awareness ribbon with card, preemie outfit (these are given to the nurses to be given out), hand and foot molding sets (if we can find a supplier and or get enough donations),  a prayer square, a preemie blanket, a stuffed animal, a small photo frame, a suncatcher made by my kids, a pen, a  pregnancy infant loss awareness shirt pin, a forever in our hearts awareness braclet,  a list of pertinent sites, a sincere letter with a heartfelt offer to help in any way I can, a smaller box with a reclosable bag to put a lock of hair in, a journal and a few poems.

 Occasionaly we will purchase and or recieve a donation of items not listed  and those items will be added also even if they aren't listed here. 

 Some of these items were bought/made by us, others were donated by caring indivuals but as you can see these items can get expensive especially when you add up the many required items with the fact that we need so many and we have to buy them all whether we get donations or not. 

 We have some that are given in sets of two (A large box along with a medium) and a few in sets of three, we use various sized and shaped paper mache boxes, we are also donating outfits to the NICU, so far we have preemie blankets, the donated handmade preemie clothes, burial gowns, bunting bags etc and I am working on finding a wholesaler for the large lots of preemie clothes so we can expand this. 

 We have bought many, many stuffed animals (mostly bears although we do purchase other animals as we allow some of the ones we donate to go to hosplized children and others who may need them also) and try to replenish them as soon as we run low which seems to be quite often, and more recently started donating for the Angel Teddy Bear Foundation (which is a great organization). 

We also purchased and lovingly decorated a moses basket with packs of new sheets that we donated to the Funeral home for parents final viewing of their little Angel and photos if they wish, we could still use more baskets to donate to other places also.

Also all the pictures on this page are property of our site so if you would like to use any pictures off this particular page please kindly email me first. If you wish to send donated items that are heavier the post office has a flat rate box available shipping for it is 7.70 no matter the weight there is also media mail through the post office which is cheaper, you just mark "media mail" clearly on the box , but this is only for books, literature etc it cannot contain any advertising. 

A list of the items we are in need of  along with volunteer opportunities is now on a seperate page you can get there by clicking here 

We received a donation of the beautiful micro preemie and preemie handmade clothes, which were delievered promptly, the sizes were micro preemie, tiny enough to fit the smallest of babies through preemie for those a little bigger and everything was excellently made, I also wanted to take the chance to once again extend my thanks to all those who have helped, I am very thankful for you guys and gals!

Moses basket donated to the funeral home



"Stars" preemie baby boy outfit

Angel glitter box

Precious moments fabric box, and 2 star boxes


Micro preemie hat and bootie set with ribbons

Crocheted Premie dress and bonnet set with ribbon trim

Shooting stars


Black leather box

Preemie hat and bootie set

Bears we recently donated

Crocheted preemie blankets

Fleece and crocheted preemie blankets wrapped in ribbon

Fleece preemie blankets

Blue micro preeme bunting with ribbon

Preemie dress and hat set with back ties for easy acess and removal

Butterfly box



Please note pink plastic box is not a memory box

Each set is indivually bagged so they stay together and have less chance of being damaged.




Gold speckled box with angel on the lid

Angel and butterfly boxes

Raised design gold box

Pink glitter and ribbon "Princess" box

Animals are also used for hosplized children
Thus the reason we donate more than just bears

The items you donate go into/ are used for something that will be forever treasured .

A special "Thank you" to all who have donated items and or time, you are so appreciated!!!

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We are now volunteering for the Angel teddy bear foundation too, click this link to learn more.


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