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Whooping Cough, Pregnancy and Infant Loss, and Preeclampsia Awareness.

Payment FAQ'S

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Shipping and Handling

Shipping times and policies
We ship quickly many times same or next day after payment and all required information (addresse etc) is received but no longer than 5 days after receipt of payment, please provide a verified addresse if at all possible when paying through paypal if not please include a short message verifying the addresse you provide. International shipping is more expensive and therefore more than the stated USA shipping so International customers can email me first otherwise just look at the shipping scale below to figure out how much you need to add to shipping although the international scale is appx as I have not done alot of international shipping yet, if shipping is more than 1.00 cheaper than the amount you payed, I do/will refund the difference.
None of your personal information is used for anything other than shipping your items/fufilling your order.
International orders require a phone number for shipping (per the postal sevices rule).
All remaining items sold by us are 40% off  listed price (aka subtract 40% from all listed prices), shipping is still based on orginal aka currently listed prices email me with what you want and I can send an invoice with the discounted prices
Discount applies only to items we personally sell we cant give any discount on products others are offering such as the name poems etc, and shipping is based on orginal prices as our shipping is quite low to begin with thank you for understanding.

USA Shipping table
Price Ranges                              Shipping Cost
$0.01 USD - $2.50 USD                   $0.00 USD
$2.51 USD - $6.50 USD                   $3.00 USD
$6.51 USD - $10.00 USD                  $4.00 USD
$10.01 USD -$20.00 USD                  $7.50 USD
$20.01 USD - and up                          $9.75 USD
International Shipping Table (These costs are appx and may be more or less depending on location so please bear that in mind and email me with any questions) UPDATE I currently cannot ship internationally I apologize for any inconvience.
Price Ranges                             Shipping Cost
$0.01 USD - $2.50 USD                   $2.00 USD
$2.51 USD - $6.50 USD                   $6.00 USD
$6.51 USD - $10.00 USD                  $8.00 USD
$10.01 USD -$20.00 USD                  $10.50 USD
$20.01 USD - and up                          $12.75 USD


Customer satisfaction is extremely imporant to us, so please email me with any problems or questions, we accept returns of non personalized items returned within 12 days in the condtion they were received, unforunately shipping at this time is non refundable and you are responible for return postage (unless the items being returned due to a mistake on our part).
For personalized items such as braclets and necklaces if you are not satisfied you may return it for a remake or refund within 16 days.


Your privacy is taken very seriously! 

Pre-eclampisa, Stillbirth, Pertussis and RSV please educate yourself on these serious health risks

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