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Whooping Cough, Pregnancy and Infant Loss, and Preeclampsia Awareness.

Sebanna's Law~ Petition to notify residents during epidemic.
Sebanna's Law~ Petition to notify residents during epidemic.
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Silence Kills – OR DOH Send Epidemic Warning to Citizens - Sebanna’s Law


If we won't be the change, who will? We can be sad, angry, disappointed, but without actions we cannot change things. Please help me make a positive change for the future. My heart will never heal from losing my babies but I want to be able to look back and see that I helped my babie's lives make a positive difference even more than they already have. I don't want people to just remember Sebanna with sadness, I want them to remember her life, her death, her story, her name and how she helped change the world. I ask for help doing this from the bottom depths of my heart.

There is no one funded to, or responsible for, telling the public in the event of an epidemic of any reportable communicable disease in their community, in the state of Oregon. 
Not the Center for Disease Control (CDC), not the Department of Health (DOH), and not the Department of the Health and Human Services (HHS); no one. They can wait until it is over, and never say anything at all. 
As a citizen, I expect to be informed if there is a communicable disease at epidemic levels in my neighborhood, or my state. A Public Health Warning notice, in the form of a low cost post card should be sent to all households, businesses and Post Office Boxes in the affected area. This should happen as soon as any reportable communicable disease reaches the epidemic threshold, which is predetermined by the state Department of Health, in conjunction with the CDC. Sebanna's Law  

I believe that together we can do it, I believe Sebanna's life had and has a purpose, I believe other children should not have to die period-- but especially of a vaccine preventable diease, I believe in the importance of the Tdap, I believe in the power of knowledge and in standing up for what is right. I will not give up, I will never give in. For Sebanna (and Sebastian), for Carter, for Kaliah, for every baby gone too soon I won't stop fighting, not because of pain or fear or anything. I hope others won't either.


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